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What settings should I use for email?
  • Username: The full email address.
  • Port Numbers: 587 for sending, 995 for receiving POP email, or 993 for receiving IMAP email.
  • Authentication method: Normal password.
  • Connection Security Protocol: STARTTLS or SSL / TLS
  • You can also access your email via webmail by going to yourdomainname/webmail in a browser and logging in by entering your email address and email account password.

    Are there specific limits on the size of email accounts?
    No, you can use the total space available in your Hosting Account as you wish.


    How can I transfer in my .UK domain?
    Please submit the transfer through our  Transfer Domains  link and then login to your existing Registrar's site, or contact your existing Registrar, and change the TAG on your domain to 1API-DE


    If a domain name is not renewed before the expiry date is there a Grace Period?
    Yes, we provide a Grace Period of 30 days, during which time you can still renew the domain at our normal renewal price. If you have left Auto Reminders active for your domain, an Invoice will already be under your Membership and you only need to login and pay that existing Invoice by Card or PayPal. Please note that after the expiry date a website and email based on the domain may become inactive, until the domain is renewed.
    By comparison, some of our competitors apply a Grace Period of 0 days to .com, .net, and many other types of domains, which under  ICANN rules  they are allowed to do, which means a domain goes into a 30 day Redemption Period immediately after the expiry date, and they then charge a "Restore from Redemption Period Fee" of usually between US$120 to US$300.





    Terms and Conditions


    1. Your Hosting Account must not be used for sending spam email which is defined as any unsolicited marketing emails.


    2. Your Hosting Account must not be used for hosting or storing any illegal content such as malicious software or spyware.


    3. It is fine to have backup files stored in your Hosting Account but backup files should not be left in your Hosting Account for a very long period of time. If you wish to keep backup zip files for more than 3 months please download them to your own computer. Backup zip files older than 3 months may be deleted from the server without notice.


    4. When you are registering any .UK Domain Names or .cymru or .wales Domains you agree that you accept and will abide by Nominet's, the official registry for .UK domain names, Terms and Conditions which are published  here









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